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4 August 2022

Letters from James Cartlidge MP & Suffolk County Council to National Grid - East Anglia GREEN proposals - FOLLOW-UP SURVEY

James’s survey is now live: https://www.jamescartlidge.com/EAGREENSurvey

He would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete this survey so that he can gather as much data as he can about National Grids consultation to ascertain whether affected constituents were effectively consulted.


1 August 2022

The monthly updated spreadsheet showing the progress of NSIPs and large-scale energy projects in the districts is available to view.

 29 July 0222

Letters from James Cartlidge MP & Suffolk County Council to National Grid - East Anglia GREEN proposals 

I am contacting you on behalf of James Cartlidge MP as we believe that your Parish would be affected by National Grid’s East Anglia GREEN proposals.

James has recently written to the Chief Executive of National Grid to request that the ‘detailed’ report on an offshore alternative to EA GREEN must be independent, consider a range of offshore options, and must include his constituents. A copy of his letter is available to read, with a corresponding letter from Suffolk County Council. The agreement to produce this work is a small concession from National Grid, but we must now ensure that the terms of reference are fair.

James is also planning on conducting a survey of his constituents to ascertain whether they feel like they were effectively consulted on the offshore alternative to the pylon proposals. We will be back in touch with a link to the survey once it is live.

Kind regards,

Hannah Stanton

Chief of Staff to James Cartlidge MP

Member of Parliament for South Suffolk


 13 July 2022

Suffolk Highways - Upcoming works - C726 Burstall Hill, Ipswich Road and Church Hill, Burstall - 25 July 2022 

For the duration of the road closure, traffic will be diverted via The Street, Burstall Road, A1071, Red Hill Road, Red Hill, Road from 8407 TO C724, The Street, Ipswich Road, Elmsett Road and vice versa. The diversion route can be viewed on this map.

As roadworks are planned in advance, Suffolk County Council (SCC) schedule extra days to allow for bad weather or other delays beyond their control. If SCC need to make major changes to the work dates, they will update the information signs on site.

When roads are closed and a diversion is put in place, the route needs to be accessible to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The diversions are made as clear as possible by placing appropriate signing along the route. The latest updates on SCC works can be found on their website at"Temporary road closures for Suffolk Highways roadworks” and on One.Network website.

There may be times that essential emergency works are required to take place on the highway network without advanced notice – you can follow Suffolk Highways on Twitter for the latest emergency roadwork updates.



10 June 2022

The East Anglia Green Energy Enablement (East Anglia GREEN) Consultation 

Burstall Parish Council has today submitted a response to the East Anglia GREEN consultation, available to read here.

  6 June 2022


Two vacancies exist on the Parish Council, due to recent resignations, which are to be filled by co-option. The term of office will run until May 2023.

If you would like to serve as a Councillor please apply, in writing or by email, to the Clerk, providing brief background details and stating why you would like to join the Council.

To qualify, a person must be a British subject, aged over 18 years old and an elector, must reside in, or within 3 miles of, the Burstall Parish boundary or occupy as owner or tenant any land or premises therein, or have their principal or only place of work there, and must not be disqualified from holding office as a Councillor.
If you require further information, please contact the Clerk to the Council.

 1 June 2022

These are the Personal notes used by Burstall Parish Councillor, Andrew Kerrison when he provided updates on the major schemes impacting the village; firstly, at the recent Annual Parish Meeting, and then again at the public meeting to discuss East Anglia Green.


The village of Burstall boarders the Bramford Sub Station.  This is a major piece of power infrastructure in the National Grid, the Grid that helps transport power from the point of production to the location where it is needed.  And its significance is growing.  But because Bramford sits on the Ipswich side of the Sub-station, Burstall and other surrounding parishes are often more impacted by developments there.

The presence of Bramford Sub-station means that we are now receiving multiple plans and proposals to Industrialise the countryside.  There are currently 5 major schemes impacting us and landowners are reporting further attempts to sign up for more and more schemes.  Therefore, this is not just one problem, but potentially the start of the demise of our surrounding countryside as we know it.  I personally have chosen to live in the countryside because I like its natural beauty.  If I wanted to live on an industrial estate, ………………….

Bottom line, is that we are not just considering one proposal, but the cumulative impact of a growing number of proposed schemes.  These schemes are currently under 2 headings – Solar Farms and Enhancing the National Grid.  In addition, there is also the Battery storage unit currently consented and under construction just North of Hill Farm.


Solar Farms

There are three plans submitted and all are currently pending determination.  Burstall has objected to all three plans.

  • ENSO - DC/20/05895 DC/21/00060 - Burstall objected. (05.03.2021 / 21.09.2021 / 25.03.2022)
  • EDF Cando - DC/21/04711 - Burstall objected. (14th Oct 2021)
  • Stratkraft Greybarn - DC/22/01243 & DC/22/00683 - Burstall objected. (28th April 2022)

The first application submitted (by ENSO) triggered a major response from Burstall Parish Council totalling over 70 A4 pages.  There was a main document and many Appendices.  The appendices went into detail on various themes - loss of Agricultural Land, Loss of Amenity footpaths and views, impact on local work force, environment, flooding, fire, site access, and it also identified the many planning guides which the application did not follow. 

Although the other two applications are separate, much of the initial work for the ENSO Objection was equally applicable for the subsequent Applications.  It was therefore reworked with the correct numbers and was reused as a basis for the subsequent Objections.

Thanks to Steve Godfrey,John Foster, and Samantha Main (CARE Suffolk)

Bottom Line on Solar Farms

I have not heard anyone argue against being Green. However, these schemes use the Green credentials to make people believe it must be a good thing.  Whereas in fact these schemes are money making schemes often for Venture Capitalists who can be anywhere in the world.  Solar panels are great in the right place, and I would support schemes that utilises roof space to generate power; houses, industrial units, sports stadiums etc.  I don’t object to people making money either, but these schemes make money at our expense.  Burstall PC has great concerns about these schemes, for Burstall and for the surrounding Landscape:

  • These applications create an Industrial Landscape from high quality Agricultural land - that is growing food.  We can generate Green power off shore, but we can’t grow wheat in the North Sea or on roof tops.
  • Loss of agricultural land will impact jobs.  Not just direct, but also indirect support jobs.  I think this point is important because some planning decisions balance financial benefit to the community against the problems they create.  But there is no benefit to the community here.
  • The Panels are 3m high (10 foot).  This will create no view corridors from our lanes and footpaths.
  • With the gently rolling landscape, the panels will be impossible to screen, and so will be visible over a very large distance.
  • Impact on Nature, fences restricting Deer movement and the panels preventing Kestrels from seeing they prey etc.
  • The schemes will create additional rain water run-off and add to our already growing  flooding risk.
  • Suffolk Fire and Rescue do not have adequate provision to tackle a battery fire of this size.


  • If Planning permission is granted on any of these, my biggest concern is that this will open the flood gates for more and more such schemes.  With the rising cost of energy and falling cost of technology, the profit margins become much greater.  This means there is more money available in business plans; both to tempt hesitant farmers, and to pay for longer interconnections to Bramford Sub-station.
  • The area covered by these first 3 is 241 Ha (just under 600 Acres).  This is equivalent to 284 Portman Road Pitches or 100 Portman Road Stadiums
  • Biggest question is if a precedent is approved, what will stop the industrialisation of the Suffolk landscape.

It is our view that Solar panels are a good source of Green energy, when they are located in a good location.  However, we also believe that the; loss of high quality agricultural land, increasing dependence on food imports, and loss of local amenity, means our Suffolk Countryside is actually a poor location for such schemes.

Enhancing the National Grid

The second group of Schemes impacting Burstall relate to Enhancing the National Grid.

The National Grid first came about in 1935 and used Pylon technology that was first introduced in 1928.  Originally this took power from coal power stations down the centre of the country to London.  Now the focus is Off-Shore Wind farms and Nuclear Power stations (on the coast at Sizewell).

So, although pylon technology is almost 100 years old and we now know a lot more about the health impact and alternative technology, it appears NG continue to stick with what they have been doing for the past 100 years.

Bramford to TwinsteadDC/21/01605

A Pre-Application Consultation has recently closed.

Burstall responded questioning why Orchard Lands needs to be encircled.

Initially we were told the route would have to encircle Orchard Lands and there were “technical reason” why this had to be so.  But looking at the fact this was not the case when the previous consultation terminated (over 10 years ago), I produced a map showing where the pylons could go to enable the new set of pylons to be positioned beside the existing ones.  After some debate and exchanges NG had a meeting with Barry Gasper and John Foster, and we got to speak to Engineers who have agreed to go and have another look.  Although that Engineer has now been moved onto other work………

The PC await NG’s response.

Thank John Foster

EA Green

Consultation (21 April to 16 June)

Many of you may have seen the consultation event here on Wednesday.  This is part of what is called East Anglia Green. The reason for the consultation is all the off shore wind farms need to get the power to London via Tilbury.  Irritatingly, although the power from wind farms comes many tens of miles under sea to our coast, instead of continuing going sub-sea around the coast to Tilbury, they plan to come ashore and march across East Anglia with yet another set of pylons.  So, although the power generated is Green, their planned use of pylons is definitely not.

NG have a preferred route that uses pylons to encircle Burstall.  These pylons will be very visible to many Burstall residents.  To add to the annoyance, the route follows a line of underground power cables that have been there for over 50 years.  It is therefore a very backward step and we are the ones to suffer.  So, the biggest question here is why have a route across East Anglia, when they could go around the coast and not create a further blot on the landscape.

I believe the reason this is the preferred route, is down to Regulation, the regional organisation of NG, and the costings which are skewed in favour of established technologies and which have no allowance for the negative impact of people’s lives and properties.

If Pylons and NG’s preferred route prevails, it is very likely to have a significant impact on many residents. The PC is currently building a response pointing out that a sub-sea costal ring has a much lesser impact on peoples live than another set of pylons marching across Suffolk Countryside.



Babergh District Council Waste Collection Schedule 2022 Calendars

With Christmas fast approaching, Babergh District Council has issued up to date information about waste collections and recycling over the festive period. The Christmas bin collection calendars are now available, along with lots of other useful information:




Suffolk Police warning - increase of tool theft in rural areas

The Police have seen an increase over recent weeks of tools being stolen from Rural locations. These are often insecure barns or sheds where measures could have been taken to help prevent this. The Police are encouraging members of the public to look at their security and are providing some important information to help which can be viewed from the link View the latest Suffolk Police bulletin on tool theft


Burstall Parish Council has submitted comments to Babergh District Council (the Planning Authority) on the  two planning applications DC/20/05895 and DC/21/00060, submitted by Bramford Green Ltd (Enso). We await the decisions of the Planning Authority. Full details of the applications are available to view online by visiting http://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk/planning/development-management/application-search-and-comments/search-for-applications/

The formal Site Notice for the application for Planning Permission is available to view.

The formal Site Notice for the application for Planning Permission accompanied by an Environmental Statement is available to view.

Babergh District Council Planning Officer, Bron Curtis - email: Bron.Curtis@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

Babergh District Councillor, David Busby - email: David.Busby@babergh.gov.uk

Suffolk County Counillor, Christopher Hudson - email: Christopher.Hudson@suffolk.gov.uk

James Cartlidge MP South Suffolk

Dr Dan Poulter MP Central Suffolk






COVID-19:Find information about testing in Suffolk, changes to local services, how to get help and guidance on schools, business and wellbeing by visiting the Suffolk County Council Coronavirus site 

Suffolk Advice and Support Service provides free professional advice in confidence on a range of things that you might need some help with. The service is available on 0800 068 3131 or by visiting the Advice and Support site

Remember, if you have Covid-19 symptoms you must start self-isolating at home and book a test (www.nhs.uk/coronavirus or call 119).

VACCINE NEWS: There is a new Suffolk Covid Vaccination Website, which contains a wealth of information about the vaccination programme in the county. 



Did you know that there is a legal agreement between Sproughton Parish Council and Burstall Parish Council that allows for Burstall residents to be buried at Sproughton Burial Ground at rates charged as the same for Sproughton parishioners. 

From 1 April 1969, a legal agreement was signed between the two councils granting Burstall parishioners the right to have interred in Sproughton burial ground the bodies of persons who would be entitled to be buried in any place of burial provided by Burstall Parish Council.

The right of interment includes the rights to purchase/be granted exclusive rights of burial and the right to erect a memorial stone; the same rights as Sproughton residents and at the same costs. The terms and conditions offered to the parishioners of Sproughton are offered to the parishioners of Burstall.

The original fee paid by Burstall Parish Council to Sproughton Parish Council was £1 per annum, this was increased during the 1990's to £24 and this year, we have received notification from Sproughton Parish Council of their intention to raise this fee to £200 as from April 2022. Burstall Parish Council agreed to accept this increase at the meeting held May 2021.