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Community Lunches


***   UPDATE 18th March 2020    ***


We are all very aware of the huge problem with the Covid-19 virus. With this in mind, the monthly lunch in the village hall will be postponed until further notice.

Many of us look forward to catching up with our friends and neighbours at this lunch and social isolation may become difficult for us. 

Lots of telephone calls and email conversations will help but you will have to make your own soup.

The lunches will return as soon as this crisis is over and we will advertise it so everyone will know.

Until then, take care and stay well.

Soup and cheese Community Lunches for all ages are held in the Village Hall on usually the first Thursday of each month from 12.30-2.00pm.

Visitors are always welcome

Contact Ann at ann.burchnall@gmail.com or 652262


Dates for 2020:

Date Chefs
January 2nd Nadia & Ann B + Amanda & Knud
February 6th Amanda, Knud, Ann B & Lesley
March 5th Gillian and Jessie
April 2nd Nadia and Wendy
May 7th  
June 4th Nadia and Wendy
July 2nd Ann D
August - no lunch ********************
September 3rd Ann D and Mary
October 1st  
November 5th Lyn B and Jane S
December 3rd Nadia, Wendy & Ann B